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We create audience-first brand experiences

Loomo Marketing offers audacious brands a full-service branding, creative design, and marketing team dedicated to doing whatever it takes to see your business grow.

We partner with clients and brands from a wide spectrum of industries who are looking for their next big idea, direction, or tool that will take their business to a higher level. 

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Brand engagement that drives business growth

As a marketing agency with a love for getting our hands dirty, Loomo focuses every action on one question: does it grow the business? 

Our unwavering focus on brand growth ensures that every new brand identity, design project, website, or marketing campaign is tied to measurable objectives that you can test, track, and prove

Advertising & Content Services

Every brand has a story to tell. We’re here to make sure that story spreads as far and wide as possible. By focusing on using the right tool for the right audience, Loomo has produced dozens of award-winning advertising and marketing campaigns for brands across North America.

Go ahead, give us your wildest idea and we’ll make it a reality. 

Digital marketing

In a wildly competitive marketplace, you want a team on your side that can get the most out of every marketing dollar spent.

Digital marketing

Market research & strategy

Pay-Per-Click advertising

Display advertising

Remarketing campaigns

Video advertising
Social media advertising

Market campaigns

It is said that good marketing is like sanctioned vandalism. You want people to notice it, engage with it, and have opinions about it. Otherwise, all that work is irrelevant.

Market campaigns

Marketing strategy

Campaign planning

Buyer behaviours

Qualitative & quantitative research

Analytics & evaluation

Social media & influencer marketing

Social media gives your brand a voice like never before. In a constantly changing landscape, we'll make sure your brand is part of the conversation.

Social media & influencer marketing

Social media strategy

Content planning & implementation

Community management

Influencer marketing

Engagement tracking & analytics

Content marketing

Our dedicated team of writers, editors and marketers are here to create compelling brand stories that connect with your audiences.

Content marketing

Web writing & editing

Content strategy

Brand storytelling

Blog post writing

Press releases

Video & media production

With backgrounds in film and television, our team of creatives has the experience you need to create compelling and engaging video and commercial media.

Video & media production

Storyboarding & writing

Commercial production

Stock footage & music access

Qualitative & quantitative research

Video & testimonial films
Digital channel placement <>

Digital & Website Design

We’re a marketing agency that can’t help but get our hands dirty. That means we approach every website through the lens of how it will create engaging digital experiences and drive your marketing goals.

Your website should be, after all, your hardest working and most successful sales representative.

Website development

Jnanas specializes in open-source coding frameworks and systems that put control of your most valuable brand asset back in your hands.

Website development

Full-stack web development

WordPress development

Search engine optimization

On-page optimization

Video advertising
WooCommerce websites

Research, data & user needs analysis

Like our brands, every website is built with an audience-first approach that focuses on the customer journey, needs, and desired actions for every page.

Research, data & user needs analysis

Audience analysis & use mapping

Stakeholder workshops

Data collection & analysis

User/sales flow mapping

Content planning

Website accessibility & compliance

Every site we develop is rigorously tested for compatibility, accessibility, and functionality across all available browsers and systems.

Website accessibility & compliance

Accessibility audits

Browser stack testing

Technical updates

WCAG 2.0 Access Measurements

UX & UI design

We help bridge the gap between your physical and digital brand, ensuring the online customer experience is just as amazing as it would be in person.

Content marketing

Customer-centric design

Fully clickable prototypes

Creative content development

Custom illustration

Responsive website planning

Hosting, security & support

Our technical teams are here to ensure your website is up and running securely around the clock.

Hosting, security & support

WordPress hosting

Website backups & maintenance

Security audits & updates

Web protection, SSL, Cloudflare, CDN, DDOS

Branding Services

We are firm believers that when your brand shifts from an inward focus to finding deep connections with your audience, that’s where the magic happens.

Our approach to brand strategy focuses on diving deep into your audience’s daily lives, values, pains, gains, and behaviours to uncover golden opportunities for genuine brand experiences and connection.

Strategic Planning

Powerful brand strategies are born out of rich audience analysis, letting us connect static brand assets with dynamic personal truths.

Strategic Planning

Brand opportunity discovery

Brand strategy

Product strategy

Cross-platform brand planning

Audience Definition

Audience-first branding starts with diving deep into your customer's behaviours, values, and needs.

Audience Definition

Audience mapping

Audience values

Buyer behaviours

Qualitative & quantitative research

Analytics & evaluation

Creative Ideation

We believe that creativity led by deep customer insight offers the greatest opportunity for brand growth. We also believe that the very best ideas should scare you - even just a little.

Creative Ideation

Creative workshops

Brand naming ideation

Brand concept development

Iterative brand planning

Brand Research

Successful companies identify and build deep connections between core audiences and brand offerings.

Brand Research

Brand vision, mission, values

Product analysis

Competitor analysis

Market analysis

Internal brand research
Purchasing insights

Brand Design

Building and driving business growth through branding that connects the head to the heart.

Brand Design

Brandmark development

Brand guidelines & governance

Retail branding

Packaging design

End-to-end brand implementation
Ongoing design support

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